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A friend messaged me, they missed the random pictures I take of the sky and clouds. I have been to stressed with life to even observe the clouds. So I took a quick walk and saw a beautiful sky before the rain.. I’m glad I did.

Thanks my friend..










Walmart Sucks

It is a shame that we need to have some type of credit to get things in this world. That cash is not good enough. We somehow manage to go and live beyond our means with these cards. I tried to be different then my own mother. Try to watch my balances and make sure every spring I pay off almost all of them. Sometimes I don’t even know why I tried and applied to some.

So I keep having issues with Walmart. I can’t recall how long I have the card. There is not even a Walmart anywhere near me. I would have to go deep into Long Island to go to one. The past few Christmases when the kids were younger I did use them to shop from because they had decent pricing. Now a days they became a headache. Their credit and fraud department sucks major ass. In 2012 my debit card was used. I had bought something on a website a few months prior and all info on the website was used and hacked. Someone used my card number and made two purchases for the exact same amount almost three hundred dollars twice. So I called and told Walmart that I did not make these purchases. Can they cancel it. They would not tell me a thing and they would not even confirm where the items were being shipped too. The lady basically was accusing to me.

So I have been making payments on the stuff I bought the kids for Christmas. I have paid them. For some reason even if I paid them five days before the due date I was still getting a late fee. So I called them last month they could not explain to me why I was getting this late fee. So again I see it this month. The man explain oh I had to pay thirty five dollars as the minimum payment. I am like are you serious. I only owed fifty and I had to pay that amount. I am like you know whatever I will pay the whole thing have a nice day.. They are a bunch of crooks. I am glad I don’t frequent them or work for them. They suck donkey balls!

Career Path

I want to go back to college and get a degree but I want it to be a degree into something that I love. I had an older gentleman tell me that If I wanted to go back to school that I would have to get a degree in something that would not ever go out of style. He said the medical field. So it seems like everyone is working as a medical biller and such. I am not sure the medical field is for me. We all know that we all will need doctors and nurses. I like to write but pushing this passion means to push myself harder than I have ever had. I want my degree to have meaning.

What do I do, I love crime shows I love the interest and what you can find out with forensics but I am not sure if my guts could take the gore. I watch all the shows and even the ones about serial killers. I wish I knew what would be my calling. I really wish something would jump out at me and say this is it! This is what you should do. I know it is never to late.


A memory

I Always had a passion to do something I loved. When I was little I was a girl who loved sports. I live in Queens so mom took my sister and I to see the New York Mets. I am a girl who falls for guys easy too. I had a crush on this boy David in kindergarten. Anyway I would become this die hard Gregg Jefferies fan.

Sure there was other hot MLB players at the time but I loved Gregg. I believe back then Gregg was the baby of the group throwing tantrums left and right. I believe that one of the newspapers we have here even ragged him in an article. I saved clippings in a scrap book then of pictures etc. I remember writing to Mike Lupica as a teen defending this MLB player. Lupica wrote me back. While I don’t remember what it had said it was amazing that I did get a personal response back.

I was a teen. I don’t know what goes on in the adult world. I just wanted to defend this guy. Absolutely crazy. It did show I did want to express myself. I had wanted to graduate and be a broadcaster. In the nineties I doubt there was any now you see them.

Sometimes I wish the spunky part of me would resurface. That kid who didn’t care what anyone else thought. Nothing else mattered as long as I was heard. Here we are twenty odd something years later. I’m still struggling. I don’t plan to defend baseball players anymore. I don’t even plan to protest. I do wonder if I wrote back to Mike Lupica would he even remember a letter from a girl in the late eighties who just was a die hard fan. Maybe it won’t hurt to write again.

I can’t stand you

You know what Danny, I am sick with the flu so bad and your dumb ass never wished me well. Now you expect me to give a crap that you are checking your pressure. Hey the way you have been leading your life the past few years, well that is on you. It took little miss law degree to make you check your health text her ass and tell her that your pressure was fine. Everything you sent me I replied “ok”.

What you would expect from me. I am so sick of you needing someone to answer your texts so you scroll and say hey let me see what she is up too. Hey your phone has so many names in it, go annoy someone else. It is funny how the best friends that he supposedly has they never hear from him. They have to facebook message him to actually get him. So the people that you do give your time to are not even your best friends or family.

I am not a damn kid no more. I am cranky because I just want to feel better and you are just irking my nerves. I should have just ignored those stupid 3 texts anyway. You are so selfish and self centered. Why don’t you ask the doctor to see someone for your case of stupid and a therapist for whom you are.

Yea I guess this is an ugly angry rant. It is my blog. I feel like hitting something on the head since I can’t hit anyone without being put in jail this is where I will set the nail. Grow up Danny

Why can’t we wait?

Sure it’s NYC but what’s the rush? I had to wait about two hours to see my doctor yesterday. He has a walk in clinic. He even takes lunch. Which I didn’t know. So I came on his lunch hour. There was nine patients there when I walked in. We all sat around and waited. I was annoyed because I’m feeling like crap.

Next thing I see is people that meet with doctors to give our samples and things like that. I’m annoyed more. I was like don’t tell me they plan to meet after he comes back prolonging everything. Eventually he’s back. He signs a few things the suits leave. A few more arrive but the receptionist tell them tomorrow would be better. Yes I was thrilled. One by one patients get called. Three other walk ins come after I had.

Finally at almost three in the afternoon they’re close to calling me. The lady who showed up at two starts the whiny look and starts begging to be seen. I was sitting there two and half hours and she was only there less than an hour and you want to cut and skip and be seen next. They called me next and I was glad. Why the heck can’t people wait their turn?

So a few hours later I go to my local CVS and go get my prescription. The line to pick up the prescription was ten deep. I was annoyed but I walked out. I then walked back in because I needed to feel better. I waited and waited. A lady in her fifties comes pushing thru the line to go behind me. Muttering things because the line is long. She got so antsy about ten minutes later that she taps me and tells me that she is behind me. So? Lol and if no one says anything nothing will be done. So she whines. Comes back. She assumes she succeeded. I’m like whatever we still all before you waited patiently.

She still waited anyway. The prescription line moved anyway I got my medication and left. I just was shaking my head at how people who just get to a place can’t sit and wait.

People and certain people need to stop acting like they’re the only ones around. I’m tired of the pushy morons who just can’t understand sometimes you need to wait.

The Great Magazine Caper!


How many of us have been scammed? It’s more than a handful. It gets to the point you can’t even stand answering phone calls or talking to people anymore.

Three years ago my mother answered a phone call. For some reason unbeknownst to me she gave out her debit card number. I find out three weeks later the whole scenario. There was a few calls before the incident in which they tried to claim she would win vacation tickets. When calls like this come in, I claim to be here and tell them nope sorry and hang up. The day in question I was at work.

A magazine company, third party extended her subscriptions to regular magazines. Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day and Family Circle. They extended each until 2017. Literally six years worth. Then calls from the creditors come in. Wanting payment. They claimed my mom owed over twelve hundred dollars to them. When they call they ask how the magazines are. They know very well we received none. I told mom to name a magazine randomly we would have, haha like Playboy. Sometimes they rush off quickly when we say we never received anything.

I’ve had these people become nasty and one day I was so fed up I pulled the phone from her. This man screamed and told me to get off the phone. I said oh really you’re trying to scam an elderly woman out of her money?! I know everyone needs to make a living but honestly who can sleep at night being a scam artist. It’s sickening.

Some days I want to act like my mother and tell them, hey could I give you my daughters credit card and would they take the bait. I’ve told my young girls to pick up and say have you found my daddy yet.. Lol hey you have to find humor in it. I’ve blocked several numbers and I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau in most of the cases they stop contacting me. Give it a few months a new so called collection agency takes over. I’m not afraid of these people. Are you going to tell me that threatening my mom with putting this on her credit report is a big thing? My moms credit is shot to shit. She has bad credit and she’s in her early sixties she isn’t so worried you know?

My concern is for millions out there getting scammed and harassed. It’s insane. I’m tired of the bullshit. It’s just not right.

So to whomever is reading, never ever let people like this get to you. Do what you can. File cease and desist letters. Do not give these people a dime. If you have elderly parents make sure that they don’t get scammed. If someone calls you make sure if they want your card number, I pay mine via check mail me the bill.

Kindly shove your magazines where the sun doesn’t shine!

Little Miss Perfect

Omg…. for the life of jellybeans…

Cutesy I am so perfect statuses.

Everything is so perfect. The birds chirp!

Omg. Everything is perfect. Let me take a pic!

Oh wait. The picture isn’t perfect. No, not like that. Oh

natural. Oh we got it. On the tenth picture.

Life is so perfect because of the air we breathe…

Yea disclaimer it is. But some people try so hard to make themselves look like they belong to the sainthood.

Uh huh..

Two AM in the morning my phone vibrates. I look since I am up since I can’t sleep, it’s Danny. He sends me a pic of something in his hand. He asked me if I knew what it was. I said uh its either your nails or dead hard skin. Danny sent me a pic of his toe nail clippings. He wanted to tell me that he cut them. He told me that they smelled too. I said I am glad you could share this with me. Then he said have to go good night gotta go work in the morning. I said well thats for a fast one.

Danny boy, you are such a lot boy or soul. You act like a kid. You need so much attention. I am not even sure why I got the lovely clippings. You sisters, your best friend but me.. How sweet.

Danny danny danny…

Yea sure I was entertained. What else was I suppose to do at 2am when I was sweating out a fever and out of lives on Candy Crush! lol

Mr Squirrel

I knew I was no longer in NY.

Cue the Looney Tunes music.

Cue the animal.

On Highway 31 in Indiana I was walking alongside of it to get my sick daughter. When out of the blue, a squirrel appears. I was like oh no. In New York cats and dogs and squirrels play frogger and can make it across usually most of them time without being hit. That day. It was basically the squirrel going “dum dee dum” just taking its sweet time and if I didn’t see it coming, he was hit by a semi a minute later. Roadkill. I was shocked my mouth agaped. The squirrel just was a nonchalant squirrel. This isn’t city life anymore!