In so many ways I’m frightened to date again. My first boyfriend was a jerk, then the next one I met we had kids quick and married. Later on I would find he was a serious Drug user. He couldn’t lay off the stuff. He would go to bars every weekend and get drunk and spend all our money. Then he would force himself on me.

I finally kicked him out and got rid of him but it took me a long time to find anyone worth talking too. I was 27 when I started dating another guy. It was cool for a while then he tells me he had to move out of state. So I later find out thru friends he moved to Florida with his kids mother. That soured and we refizzled often. I moved out of state too but came home. By the time I did he found another female. Eventually I found the last one I dated.. While he wasn’t like them it still ended with emotional abuse.

Yet I can not detach from him. Sigh


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