So a few months ago my boyfriend broke up with me. It would take hours weeks and months to explain my relationship. I am 36 and he 38. I had kids he didn’t we had situations at home. He was not a committed type. But he stayed around. He was always there. But at the same time. He could not keep away from other woman. With his job he was always around people. He transports loads of people at a time. So you meet people. He basically cheated on every female he was with. Did I know this yes. Did I know this could happen. Yes. I wasn’t upset that he cheated on me I was more upset that if he wanted to be single why did he let us go 5 years. We were on a decent path lately but last night he went absolutely hell bent..  I need to leave this. He wants to be with someone with no kids now and someone with no drama. But if you can’t be faithful and if you are selfish why are you even trying.


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