I went to see a movie at the theater with my kids last night at the end I check my phone. My ex texts me I could have the car. I made the mistake of being a co signer 3 years ago. I don’t drive this is NYC. I have a permit that I got in 2012 but alas everyone is to busy and the driving schools rip you off. He let me drive the car once. He told me it was too fast for me. I simply replied last night I can’t drive. I’m in no position financially to take a car. I do still have the spare key. He’s lucky I’m not one of those crazy girls who would scratch it up and bash in the headlights.

He wants to start new change his ways. I’m like oh great I suffered for this. I stood so numb waiting for the bus at 2am. He says he would burn in hell for what he has done I said he’s already in hell. If you realize now what you done. You’re suffering. The greatest suffering is happening to me though.


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