Typical family

Sometimes I wonder if the typical family is even real. Where does it exist?

I grew up in the projects in Queens, NY. Not lucky enough to live in a house like most of my cousins. My dad left when I was five to be with his mistress. Mom worked days and had a babysitter watch us.

I remember growing up watching tv and everyone lived in a house. Every commercial had people in homes. I always hoped that would be me. Sadly I didn’t fair so well. Things didn’t go right. I live with my mom in a tiny apt that aren’t the projects thank god. Nothing against where I lived. It wasn’t as bad as some are. But where I am now it’s cramped.

The economy is ridiculously. To live in my neighborhood and rent it’s at least two grand a month. There’s so much homelessness it’s crazy. I would buy a home if I could but it’s way too expensive here. Thanks to my ex I cosigned on his car my credit is shot.

So it’s difficult to want and to really want to have something. To want to date again but how do I explain. I don’t have my own place. I might scare a man into thinking he needs to take care of me. This isn’t the case. I’m super independent. I really wanted the fence the yard the rooms and the lawn and garden.


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