When do friends play a role in your relationship? Mutual friends that maybe you knew for years? I begin to wonder.

I have or let’s say had a friend who was cool with me and my ex. When I confided in her head that I thought he was cheating on me. I didn’t know he had until he admitted it later on. Years later. Anyway she basically treated me like crap. This is my childhood friend! I was like hold on there. Getting all crazy on me. She used dating this many 20 years her senior and he cheated with 3 different women. She wanted to tell me about how this and this and that happened? This is the man she cried to me about had a supposed miscarriage from etc.. Never wanted to let him go.

Our friendship was eh so so after that I saw her less. Very last time I saw her she decided to tell me how to raise my kids. Mind you she has no kids. Since then it’s been strained. I feel she had no right to tear me down.

My friends can feel anyway they want on my life etc that is your opinion. What I choose to do is mine. I am the friend if a friend of mine was in my situation I would support the decisions they make. Not blast them for the choices.


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