Social Security Benefits

My daughter receives social security benefits because of her autism. She is 16 years old. They had decided in 2011 that they wanted 2 years worth of my pay stubs. So I went with all my stubs. Then they tell me they over paid my daughter by five thousand dollars. I work, I always have and always will. I have other kids and I am trying to take care of them. I can not afford my own place in the city. So I live with my mother. Now the government takes money from her a month. I tried to explain how will I ever get an apartment if I can’t make the money I am making. I don’t have the greatest job. I work in retail! I am sure if I lived in a cardboard box they would say I make too much.

Today they sent me a letter that they over paid me about nine hundred dollars to much from the fall until about January of this year. I was almost fuming. I send them my pay stubs each month now and you still messed it up because you assume I can make so and so for the months ahead. I am so mad I want to appeal and say you do know what the word assume means? So my daughter suffers again. The government doesn’t work for honest people it seems. It works for the corrupt!


2 thoughts on “Social Security Benefits

  1. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. I am a Social Worker and I feel your pain… please try to stay positive and keep on trying. You are doing great and your efforts matter!

    1. I wish it was that easy. I was sickened to get a letter Wednesday telling me they over paid me again from the fall to January. I really want to say how is that my fault. I send in my stubs monthly. It isn’t my fault that you assume what I will make. Its ok because they rather see people on the street then.

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