The art of being busy

Life in these times makes everyone not have anytime. There use to be a time that families had gatherings and things. Now a days not a thing. I really long to have a BBQ at a relatives house or just go somewhere to escape. Everyone is so busy. I wonder if we are even making the time for each other.

The other day I saw a friend on facebook post just how busy they were. I was thinking you are so busy but you love to be on facebook. Are you hoping that you will get sympathy for the tasks you have on hand. Work we know will always give you work. If its your personal life well we all know that is on ourselves we can control just how much we handle. I clearly don’t think announcing to the social media award that I won’t be able to do anything is something that matters. 

I would rather know what I could cut out of my life or do at another time then overwhelm an already stressed out body. I sometimes wonder if the person who volunteers and is working on little crafts all the time, how do you make time to enjoy your child if your dedicating your life to other things. How can you enjoy a relationship. I truly am miffed at how you can make a relationship flourish when you have no time for yourself. No one says to stop the good things you do. There has to be limit you set. 


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