What’s in a word?

I really wonder what the word love to the word relationship honestly mean. We know the meaning from what the dictionary says but it’s the perception we see on it.

I have heard from someone that I should move on from my break up. I should tear the pictures and all that. This all coming from a girl who was still with her ex a year after they split when he was in a relationship with someone else. After that relationship fizzled she became the sexualized girl. She would tell me about all her trysts and I could barely keep names to whom was who.

When you work in retail you practically mess around with what’s flirting with you sadly. She would tell me all these things. I know she’s in her mid twenties but keep it to yourself. Currently this year she told me about some guy she met on one of these sites. Finding out he really wants to be a citizen. So she is considering marrying him. I would not want my first marriage to be one for papers. She told me how one day she missed him so much. Surprisingly the guy passes by. I was a little apprehensive. At the end of the day after all that. She tells me how she was going to this other guys house to have sex.

Total 180 I did. So you just told me how you missed your new man so to speak and your going to give it up for a former coworker. You then tell me how I’m wrong. Wow! I guess that’s how it is.

What is the relationship here will there be love. Who knows.

I know what I had. I thought I was dating this great guy but I was blinded. Don’t get me wrong I could be dogging him out right now but I am not like that. That’s my choice. I believe it was about a year ago that I saw a post on Facebook. My ex had liked one of these pages. Of course it’s public and everyone sees the page. So they had a roll call. He put his age his status and what state. I was angry. He put single. His explanation was since he isn’t married that he is single. That logic is logic of someone I could smack. So now I question from about that time until the time we split was I even in a relationship.

I really wonder if the words have meanings or just titles.


One thought on “What’s in a word?

  1. Words have meaning, but not the same meaning for everyone. R.D. Laing, the radical psychiatrist who was popular in the later 60’s early 70’s was a deep thinker in this area– too deep for a lot of people. He wrote a whole book on how communication isn’t really working unless people understand each other at the 3rd or 4th level down from the words on the surface. AND he did a research study with married couples to prove it. Most people don’t stand still long enough to get there– and thus, much unhappiness. It’s part of the great time famine. Oh, by the way– thanks for stopping by my blog.

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