Miss Goody Two Shoes

Ever since I can recall I was the girl. The girl who was so shy. I would not say a word to anyone. Not sure why I was this way. When we had a substitute teacher in school everyone would act wild I would be the good girl. Of course I got picked on for this but I did not care. I always wanted to be a good person. Not necessarily a goody two shoes. 

I’ve held my job for fifteen years straight. It is the only other job I have had besides a grocery cashier in a supermarket. I was twenty one when I started my current job. I’ve had people ask why I have stayed so long. The company works with me with my hours. They pay decent. It’s retail. So many people have been fired that I have known in all that time. For the reasons they have are reason I would never get fired. I am punctual. I am always early. I hate being late. I don’t need to be dishonest or steal. I worked in the vault at my job. I one time counted sixty grand and the money counter was down. I had someone say how can you not want to take the money. I simply stated that it was not my money. I have children at home and I would never put myself in jail for anything like that. 

Is the reason that my relationships do not last. I am to nice? I have to be mean. I have to have demands? I have to fight? I know every relationship has things happen. Sure maybe a tiff or two in words. Not by fists! But you shouldn’t have to be a bitch to get somewhere with a guy. Maybe some guys get off on that. Yea I am the nice girl. If you don’t like it move on. I am sure someone will like it.


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