Signs or just random things

I remind myself of what I need to do daily. I pass this tree. I noticed some years after my ex and I were dating that a tree just had our initials. Yea I am a sap.

Judge me I believed in those “signs”. His hire date for his job is my birthday. I briefly moved out of state and the town had his first name. We met in April of 09 where we began talking. Then I never saw him again for another month later. Memorial Day that year fell on May 25th. Who else appeared at 10pm my knight and shining armor. Ironically his vehicle broke down. He called it in but that was our chance to get to know one another. If not for that. I would have been a passing stranger that said hi and bye.

So I believed we were meant to meet. He was meant to be in my life. Not for how long I would never know. I was still being emotionally abused by my jerk boyfriend before him. The day I met him I felt free. No bonds to anyone. I never spoke to the jerk boyfriend ever again. I can’t say what my role was to his life. I believe it was to help in ways possible. To better himself and become a better person. To learn that there’s so much more than video games and sneakers.

Maybe it was just random things but to me they were signs.



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