I took to google to just google about relationships. I found this affairs

While it maybe an old article. I do understand a lot more right now.

Let me give some nicknames since I’m not cruel to bring down people in the world. We will call my ex Danny and the other lady Lana.

Danny met Lana on the job. He transports people and she works in the legal field. So they obviously met daily on the same trip. Danny is super sweet and everyone loves him. I’m sure Lana started sitting in the front. She probably went to the end of the line. Since she worked so close to the river. I’m sure they exchanged numbers. Whether Danny told Lana his relationship status at the time is unclear.

By reading the article I see that they must have gotten close seeing each other daily. I’m sure Danny felt so high that this lady with this great job was talking to him. His job wasn’t to bad either but their backgrounds are worlds apart. She’s from a great neighborhood with money and he came from the projects. She is Asian he is African American. Their confidence and self esteems were evident. She organizes fund raisers helps out schools and works non stop all the while being a mom and doing art at home. That wowed him. In case your wondering Danny told me everything about her so that’s how I know these details.

Danny was thrilled with a woman like her. Someone that wasn’t like the girls he met in the past. All the other girls before myself cared his job made him money. To me I never cared as long as Danny was there and was happy. Now this is where the assuming part goes. I’m sure Danny gained feelings for Lana as he has told me. They bonded over phone calls and times hung out. Danny told me that he would not open up that’s why Lana got mad at him.

Danny to me is scared that this woman has more than she needs. She can get on in life without him. She’s proven that. Her job, the volunteering, the projects. This woman is a self assertive woman that has it all. She can’t give Danny all the attention he craves though. They’re workaholics. She won’t stop moving and neither will he. He had to have known that while mutually they shared a bond that bond can’t be built on the surface.

I can’t really analyze them as I’m not a psychologist I just am going by words and actions. Danny clearly is missing something from his life. Whether that stems from being the only son growing up. It could be more that I don’t even know about. Danny couldn’t be true to Lana as he also used her in ways too. We both did things for him. His ego he told me was on overdrive. I can’t predict the future for Lana and Danny but even if they to me tried to have something I don’t foresee long term maybe because I’m biased and I still feel that deep down he might never change.

I hope Danny can change it’s sad to see a man be unhappy because of needing to be loved, craving attention and seeking sexualized needs. Danny is real good at being a flirt and he loves women. It’s just he has to tell himself that I don’t need to be with everyone just one person.

I wish you luck Danny.


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