Conspiracy Theory

I’ve lived here 11 years.. Now the cats are taking over. You could never have a pet until last year. My cats still illegal. Can’t see what headaches a cat cause. This is NYC my cat stays indoors. My window faces the building across. I looked out my window Wednesday and just stared in amazement. There is a gray stray cat sleeping on an air conditioner. To her right was another stray black and white cat.




To the left in the window across was an orange cat staring. My neighbors next door have two
cats also.

I took one look at my cat. Looks like a congregation of cats. Maybe plotting to take over the world? Hmmm? Maybe. My cat looks out and laid back down on the couch. The orange house cat just hovers for hours.

Orange cat has been hovering for three hours today. It’s pretty cute I must admit watching them. I just hope that the strays can stay. I wish I could take one in but I can’t. The grey one made it thru the harsh winter we had in the northeast. I caught her twice on my air conditioner but it doesn’t matter as long as she doesn’t come in the window. Who knows if the person across will like knowing a stray sleeps on the air conditioner.





Ever wonder what they’re thinking. I
Enjoy them though. Cats are the best!


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