My sister lives in another state. Long story how she got there. She went from Queens to Brooklyn to upstate NY back to Brooklyn. Then to Puerto Rico now somewhere in the Midwest.

She met her financeé at our next door neighbors house. This lady was as ghetto as you could get. Hey the guy isn’t bad. He’s been nice to my kids and took care of them. When we all lived together for a while I worked nights. My sis worked in the day. He didn’t work at all. They had no kids. I would buy groceries for my kids I would come home to find out my food was gone. Not given to my kids they ate it.

A year later my sister finds out she is pregnant. He isn’t working still but we both still work. She has her son but never returns back to work. I refused to pay rent for her when we were splitting it all that time. I had kids took the time off in between but went back to work. But when you refuse and no one wants to work I draw the line. Eventually the apartment was gone and I went with my mom with my kids. My sis went elsewhere.

She took to living off the system and he worked on and off. But barely he would get fired. They ended up having more kids back to back he never worked. She went back to a job with a former manager we both had as we were teens. But they were barely making ends meet.

Eventually they met a childhood friend of his via myspace and they moved less than two weeks of knowing them. They had a falling out. I was told because they were free loaders. Really? Ugh I knew that. She called my uncle who drove them all back by this time her apt in Brooklyn was gone. They decided because his relatives were in PR they would go so they went.

Always issues. Always she complained daily about his father. A letter came from child support she told me I could open it. Seems now I knew why he never worked he owed his first child’s mother child support by this time it was thirty grand. Crazy. If you just took care of the kid this wouldn’t have happened. My sister got angry they were now garnishing his check. I said that’s his child too. You knew his son before you had your kids. Why are you mad. His mom struggles. She still never saw it that way.

She didn’t work there because she says she has an auto immune disease. I can’t really say which because she’s never clarified it. So he worked eventually they needed to leave. She befriended someone on the internet. That’s how she is where she is now. Back in the states. Living with this lady and her family. I told my sis you can’t free load. You both need to drive and get your own place. Things were ok until last month where she was saying this person son was taking her phone and other things.

Today she calls me today because they were being left messages from them on Facebook. I don’t know why they create drama wherever they go. They need to change and be independent there’s only so much people will do for people that won’t help themselves.


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