Whatever, random

 I would say a majority of people I know have friended people they don’t even know. How would I know. I once saw a girl friend all the friends my ex had. They all accepted. She lives in another country. I was like wow! She friended me too. Why did I accept, I only wanted to see what she was attempting. After a day or so I deleted her. What possess people to do that. 

You clearly wonder if you post a status why people that never met you in your entire life are being critical over you. Hey if I never met you I am sure that I don’t even know the whole story. I am not about to just lay down the law and tell someone that you need to do all this stuff. No first of all there are two sides to every story. So if you are fighting with a friend or a loved one to someone just shut up. You don’t know me or the extent of the issues. Just back away. This is a main reason why I don’t post anything on facebook. I just play some games and post pictures. You can’t even do anything it seems. I think the funniest one was my uncles wife. Eh I guess you can call her my aunt. After she literally ripped my head off because I decided to comment on Marc Anthony an Jennifer Lopez split a few years back. I’m sorry I touched a nerve I thought. It’s not like it was you. Sensitive people. Whatever she is now on the restricted list. 

So how I feel is, There are way too many people sticking their nose where it does not belong. Unless your opinion is asked for keep that to yourself. Unless you want to be slapped that is. 


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