Say what you want to say

You know what babe what we had in the beginning was every something that every girl dreams of. We took on the town and we did it all. You treated me and I didn’t abuse it. We put things together thats the way it should be. We were like the super couple always united as everything. You said I made you a better person. I taught you how to change to a better man and learn how to become financially independent. 
Instead when you were cheating, how could you keep your life style. To wine and dine others then just me. I took you places I had no business taking you. Money that I could have put towards a home, my kids education and mine. You took, took, took. But it never mattered to you as long as you had your cake and ate it too. 

Those sneakers that you wear. I am sure that Nike and all the celebs enjoy the money you pour into them. The PS3 I bought you. All things that get used less than I did. All the money you spent when you could have had it all too. You pick on me telling me I ain’t anything. What do you have. A room. You make almost six figures and you rent a room with a roommate. Your best friend just smacked his kids mother and did time in jail and you wanted to bail him out. Yet you tell me I don’t progress. I am expected to be somewhere so high but those you know could be the worst of all but you accept them.

In my eyes I tried in vain to show you how I tried. When you put me against the one person I could not compete against. Theres your standards now. How can you be one way and then another. You may want the Wall Street woman but living the Ghetto life will not intertwine together. So that yacht you want when you retire looks more like a dinghy to me in the Hudson..

Yea I am hurt but I didn’t change my ways or who I was. I was never a person to judge. You chose your words. You make your bed. You think its funny disrespecting me today. I may still have tears left to shed. I know at least the personal hell I am going thru that you’re hiding behind yours.


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