Online dating?


Back when the break up was raw and new I had a heart to heart over a burrito with my child hood best friend. She told me that she knew in some ways how he was feeling. I understood her from that point of view. So she started telling me about a woman who worked with her. How when her relationship fizzled that she basically went to online dating sites. She practically used every ounce she could and made a job of the online dating site. I kept listening as my friend went on. So this woman immersed herself in what she was doing. Meeting people etc. Even though some of the dates never took off, my friend says its the stories that you can tell afterwards. 

So I had to think. Did I want to do this? I really don’t have the time to actually devote myself to online dating. Most online dating sites want you to join with a membership fee. Yea, I don’t like things like that either. I actually didn’t qualify for two sites because of my status and number of kids! Yes I was rejected. Makes me feel great huh! Lol!! 

I tried the ones that I could download on the Iphone, Meet Me and Okcupid. Some of the guys who messaged me were perverts who seriously need to get laid. I might have gotten a few nice responses but once they heard I had kids it was mostly about sex. Keep it moving. I kept my profile on both these sites for only two weeks. Then I deleted them. I was not going to meet any of them. I even had a 60 year old man call me a flake because I did not want to talk to him further then hello. I am in my late thirties. I am not attracted to anyone who could be my father. Sheesh. So as you see the quality over quantity was scarce. This is not for me. 

While I would love to find Mr. Right, I don’t think its my time to find him right now. I don’t believe painstakingly driving myself nuts and non stop web sites will make me happy. It will only do the opposite. I don’t know how the relationship is going to the lady who worked at it. I do hope its going well though. I want to meet Mr. Right the good old fashioned way. I sure hope I do..


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