Hey! Yup I am tired of questioning things. It was his problem not mine. Some people don’t even have jobs. Here I am working almost sixteen years at the same place. I have seen more people come and go in that time. I have a job. I have a place that employs me and works with me. It isn’t glamorous. It’s retail. You get the nice customers to the down right jerks. Someone has to deal with the public right? 

Does it matter where you work? To me no. Unless you’re a hitman. Then that is a problem. I like my safety. Your profession does not define you. Legal assistant, stripper, maid? Would it bother you you had dated a person in any of these fields? I can’t see dating someone for 4 years and deciding that the job they were doing was not enough. Since they met a person with a better job you are now perceived as not trying. 

So yeah tell someone their job sucks. I can show you how a person who isn’t any better. At then end of the day we still are the same people. We just have different levels of how we deal with it. 


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