Oh Danny boy

Danny came around last night after work. Check to see how I was doing after the accident. We talked. His health seems to be effected. His pressure is high. I didn’t give him the I told you so look. I did tell him if you were honest most of the stress you have would not be on you. I said there’s no stress between us. Just when you say something stupid and you know I’m gonna reply back. Why when you fight with Lana you take it out on me.

Danny tells me that Lana is seriously a kook but the next minute you tell me you bought her flowers on Mother’s Day. I let him have it. You ruined my Mother’s Day by dropping this load in my lap. You tell me she won’t speak to you and you brought her flowers. He said they weren’t roses some white flowers then I got out of there. Danny. Really! Why are you digging yourself in a hole. It’s she’s this or that. Cut it off. She isn’t adding anything to your life but heartache.

Danny keeps talking about how on Fridays this Beyoncé look a like talks to him on the way home. I think she likes me. I said go ahead date her. He says she has no kids. I said you keep dating passengers I don’t know what to tell you. You’re friendly but you don’t need to give out your number to everyone and even share your life story with strangers. He was like I don’t know. He hasn’t dated a girl of his race since before me. I’m like look you can’t be dating if you’re that messed up. We all know he doesn’t want to be alone either.

You don’t want the drama and you say that you are drama free but what are you adding to your life. He is not even doing well financially. I helped him get good credit with his car. He can’t understand how to use them. Missing payments. He thinks I can miss this it this month and pay it all off next month. Now he is wondering why all his cards cancelled on him. I told you about your financial irresponsibility. You don’t need every new pair of sneakers that come out. He keeps telling me he wants the new PS4. Hey buddy that’s on you. But if you want to have a future the games and kicks aren’t gonna amount to anything.

I talk to him and advise him. I told him you don’t see how much I love you. I don’t have to be here. I could have left a long time ago. I stuck around. The one you keep crying to is to me. I don’t want to sit and watch as you take on women. No that isn’t fair. You had a perfectly good one here. You had. I think Danny knows but Danny doesn’t know where his life is headed right now. I can take what is dished out to me. I’ve been through a lot more than this. I know Danny better than I know myself.


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