Another done relationship

Last night this girl whose my Facebook friend starts with these crazy posts. You know the ones. When relationships are done. Those feelings posts those begging for things to get better posts.

I felt bad since I know exactly how she is feeling. I haven’t said anything since she friended me thru a site and needed candy crush friends a year ago. I know when I felt how she did not one thing anyone could say to me would console me. I honestly hate people telling me it’s better this way or all this other crap. So I’m hoping she will be ok. While I want to say something I think it’s better she mourns the loss of her relationship with close friends.


8 thoughts on “Another done relationship

  1. Those people are just looking for attention. It’s best not to buy into it. But, if you’re a cynic like me you could always post a funny sarcastic breakup meme to show her it’s not the end of the world. Because it’s not…

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