My love hate relationship with Pepsi

I just guzzled down my second Pepsi of the day. I’m not a drinker. So when life stresses me it’s a cold Pepsi to my rescue. Sometimes it’s a Kit Kat that accompanies it! Blah!
My problem started as a kid. I’ve loved Pepsi for years that’s been my love. I have never drank another soda. Only coke via fountain machines. My candy choice varies every few years. I used to love Whatchamacalits as a kid and snickers too.
When my relationship hit the rocks the first time I started hitting the Pepsi a lot more. I had cut down and stopped for a while. I had lost 15lbs. I was a water drinker. I also had a different work schedule. Then all that changed. I found myself drinking much more soda. Eventually I tied the candy Into it.
Funny how every other relationship that broke up I lost so much weight. I was on the non intentional break up diet. Which meant I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I was so depressed that it just happened. Right now I wish it would happen to me. I know it’s not. I’m still talking to him and we still have sex once a month. Eh ya, well whatever right. So my emotions are so backwards. I tell myself you know you want to lose the fifteen pounds but I still buy the Pepsi. I’m sure if I actually listened to myself that I not only can lose the extra fifteen pounds I could also lose the 190lbs of baggage adding to it!
Good thing is while I’m not completely happy with my weight I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I have to work on myself. It’s all in the mind anyway. Eventually I will lose it. I just need the world and all the other bull that piles on in my life to give me a break too.
So I will get there the good old natural way. No fad diets just a lot of water healthy choices and walking. On my terms and in my time frame.
I know I love you Pepsi. But we must break up too 😦



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