I’m sick sick sick! I would rather have snot coming out my nose then this dreaded cough. I tried green tea this morning. Then I tried alka seltzer cold. I’m still coughing. My throat hurts and I feel crappy. Best part is I’m chaperoning a middle school field trip.

This is an easy one it’s a free for all. We walked I took about thirty pics. My daughter ditches me. It’s ok I can cough my lungs out and Instagram all my pics and blog until 11:55am. That’s actually all done. I would take a nap if I could. I can’t even take a sip of water damn anal place. Well I probably could no ones watching!

The Hall of science is pretty cool. There’s way to many schools here today though. My daughter had an overnight field trip here two years ago. I went with my oldest as a chaperone when he was in third grade one bad thing I was suppose to keep a head count. I lost one of the boys. I didn’t know until we got back to the school. Hey I know my child I didn’t mean to lose the kid. Anyway he came with the next class. I did get a glare from the teacher he came back with. Oh well. It took me a while to ever want to chaperone again.




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