I’ve felt the need to write all day. Problem is I feel like death and I wasn’t able to put my thoughts down. I have this annoying dry cough that anything over the counter I’ve taken makes me feel like I’m out of it. Blah.

Today it was drab and dreary here. Good thing it didn’t rain but it was the shittiest day ever. Every time I make this trek to this one doc it’s shitty weather. I took three freaking buses to this place to see if it be a faster ride. Only thing I got out of it was a numb butt and annoying myself on level 152 on candy crush.

If I knew where I was going I could just zone out but I was so lost. Another annoying thing. I need to damn drive because depending on public transportation sucks royal ass. In fact I’m so annoyed smacking someone would be satisfying right now.


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