I don’t know anymore

No one values anyone’s feelings anymore. It’s about you and what you gain from it. Sunday would have been our fifth year together. Milestone for me. But it isn’t anymore. I am thinking a lot about Danny because of this and other things adding to it. I’m pissed.

Danny still follows me on social media. I’ve had twitter and all those things way before him. Friends think I should unfriend him. His posts can get to me. He’s a little to much into posting his business. He posted shots of himself working out. One girl he cheated while with me tells him she wants to work out with him. I want to punch this bitch. This bitch knew we were dating. He told me she has a man now I said that didn’t stop her when she knew you had a girl. Whatever screw it let them screw each other because she just wants to use him.
Danny makes me feel a certain way he knows how I feel. He basically knows I’m the downfall girl. I’m not going
To jump back into dating him though.

Anyway back to the subject of the blog. My supervisor is in his mid sixties and for years we have know he is seeing this other woman. He isn’t married but he is living with the same woman for twenty six years. So the other woman is moving out of the country this weekend. He is sad. I’m basically sickened that people live this way. Two lives and everyone is cool with it. It seems that’s how it is. Everyone knows it. Everyone accepts it.

I know if I went back with Danny that there isn’t anyway he would change we would always share a relationship. He can’t help but need to be around people. I guess if I stick around and he does get Into a relationship I’m part of the other equation also.

It’s just a damn bitter pill to swallow.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know anymore

  1. Some people are into monogamy, some aren’t. The problem is society tells us monogamy is normal so you get those who aren’t into it, trying to do it and failing. I’m personally not into it, it feels too restrictive and monotonous to me so I refuse closed relationships now. I’d rather date someone who is ok with how I want to live.

    But yeah there’s people out there who haven’t worked out what they want yet and would probably save themselves from cheating if they just worked it out, discussed their feelings and either ended the relationship or changed its status to open *before* anything happened.

    I had a bf and a mistress a couple of years ago. I told him I was attracted to her, didnt want to hide these feelings from him and that I wanted to take her on a date but only if that’s ok etc and he said go for it. So I guess if I was you I wouldn’t be angry at the girl (if it wasn’t her, it would have been someone else) and be angry at him for not telling you he was struggling with the idea of monogamy *before* he cheated.

    In any case, its done now, so don’t waste any more of your energy on it. Its not going to change the outcome! Just move on and find someone great who is exactly what you need and more 🙂 and if its causing you angst, just delete him from social media! Sometimes you just need a good month or two of not being reminded of them to properly move on. If you’re meant to be, you’ll get back together later, for now give yourself a break! You bloody well deserve it.

    1. Thanks I need to. He said some really royally stupid shit to me in a text last night. That he let the money and the fame get to him. He’s the man. He simply shuttles people around the city. Someones been inhaling to much C02!

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