Don’t give up

I never doubt that people can change but it needs to be in you to do it. I am not sure I am not a doctor. I don’t really know if someone sees a specialist or a therapist or even enters rehab will it change them. I don’t know. I just think if it is something you want you need to go for it.  If you don’t talk out the problems at hand and instead choose to forget it and move on to the future you are basically leaving an opened door for your demons to reappear. I think you have to confront the problem. Talk it out. Telling yourself that there is no problem is lying to yourself.

I firmly believe if you want it go for it. There should be nothing to hold you back. I am a big cheerleader when it comes to knowing that I believe that someone can do it. You just can not give up. I am not getting anything out of here rooting and cheering. In my heart I know I won’t give up.

If you find your niche you will find your place. Just don’t give up.


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