Dear haters…

Stop right there and stfu! I’m sure you know what the abbreviation to that means. Why does everyone quote on quote have haters. All this hater posts and loyalty quotes.

Ever sit there for a second thinking your shit doesn’t stink? The I’m so perfect my family is so perfect. Perfection at it’s finest. You blast your perfect life and family. When shit hits the fan subtle statuses are published with no answer as to what’s going on. Yea enough of the shit. No ones perfect. Stop it with that crap!

If you keep your life your news your deep dark secrets to yourself you won’t have no haters. If someone doesn’t mean anything to your life cut them off. I don’t hesitate to cut off people. I don’t play drama nor do drama. If you got issues subscribe to a magazine or something just shut up because no ones that jealous of you.


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