I thought it was pretty funny after sitting in the grass across from the Hall of Science that after 15 minutes of being there two men and a woman came around selling cotton candy for a dollar. Nobody ever questioned them or where they came from. They had the right price and timing. Kids were buying up the cotton candy.

I got up to throw out my garbage and walk over to my daughter. She’s talking to a fellow classmate. She starts playing with a few other kids. Then I hear bells. Here comes a man a a woman with a car that had icees and ice cream. This is two dollars. My daughter begs me for two dollars. I hand it to her. I just shake my head.

Funny how the government is jacking me for my daughters income when I can’t even afford my own place but you get the people doing these illegal things and not getting caught. I’m sure they make money off all the school trips. I saw a park when we were leaving about a block up. Nice revenue that the government doesn’t get.
Pretty shitty I may add!


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