Take that..

So Danny annoyed me to tell me he was gonna get twisted and let women take advantage of him. So I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

It’s cruel and immature yea I know but hey he ruined my Mother’s Day you know! So he kept texting me back so I let him have it. I stopped being miss nice lady. Being today it would have been our 5 year mark. So I kept mentioning that. I kept mentioning Lana and so forth. He kept replying. Not even defensive more for the side of him saying no it’s not like that this and that. I even got so depressing I was downing myself. A combo of being
Incredibly sick and sad didn’t help me.

He was pretty nice. Damn shit I guess my reverse psychology wasn’t working like I thought. Or it has. I don’t know. I wasn’t taking it to heart like I am this morning. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I don’t like to ruin the fun of others but the way Danny has had me feeling since Friday I couldn’t hold it in.

I need to get the flu more often. I’m so ballsy when I’m sick. I’m not sorry for ruining his night and even this morning, I think he needs to face reality you can’t keep hurting people.


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