The people you meet

Back in February I thought I was ready to conquer the world only to get slapped in the face. Lets just say I entered the dating world and it’s scarier than you can imagine. I met a man who was in the medical field. He told me he was a nurse in the NICU for babies. I was like wow thats a pretty intense job. He seemed ok. I gave him my number. I found out he was nine years younger than me. He asked was that a problem. I said I don’t know honestly. He seemed pretty straight forward. He owned a house had everything. Pretty nice I thought. I am not into superstitions but the first three number of his phone number was the inevitable six. I was like thats a bit creepy. We hung out and got milkshakes one night. It was ok he seemed ok.

About a week later he invited me over to watch some television. I was like I am not so sure about this but I was curious. He showed me the house and the renovations he had done. Then he showed me he had two rooms. The other was his roommates. Wait you own a house and need a roommate? We sit and watch that Young Frankenstein movie with Gene Wilder in it. He hands me some money. I was like what is this for. He tells me he feels bad for my situation. I was like nah I am good. Why would you give me some money. I didn’t feel comfortable then he started drinking some alka seltzer cold. I asked if he was sick. He said no but he liked the buzz. I was like you got to be kidding me. You are in the medical field and you are getting a buzz off of cold medication. I was like this man isn’t all there. Then he explains that the other room belonged to his wife. I was like wow. I felt sicker than I ever could. I made some excuse and booked it out of there. Over the next week I was getting texts how could I abandon him, how could I do this and that. He was a needy clingy monster. I was like we aren’t even dating it was one day I came over and you that nuts over me. I hit the block on my Iphone and never heard from him again.

When I was trying the online dating profile I had gotten a response from a man about fourteen years older than me. I was leery. Anyone over the age of fifty I am not sure about. He was ok. He seemed nice and straight forward. I came out told my story. When he was telling me some parts of his it was ok. He told me he no longer drives. He never wanted to go into it over the phone. So that is what made me a bit scared and I backed off. I know plenty of people that do stupid things and get their license suspended and what not. This man would not elaborate. I mean did you kill someone with your car unintentional? I never did get an answer. I texted back and forth until about Easter. After Easter I simply deleted his number. It was not something I wanted. I felt something was missing.

There was this other guy who tried to talk to me but he kept repeatedly tried to tell me how good of a guy he was. How he was trying to get his license to do a better job. I was like ok. I like it when people better themselves off but he would tell me this six times a day. Look not for nothing it won’t win you brownie points with me. So I also deleted him out of my life on Easter too. Maybe I am harsh or not maybe the healing process for me will take some time. I  do noticed that I do go for the men that have this personality that is so confident so happy and exuberant. Clingy men, whiny men make me cringe. So I guess I want this knight and shining armor that has all these qualities but doesn’t bitch and whine because of things.


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