Location Privacy- Facebook

So Facebook just entertains me with the games. Yea I play the typical candy crush and criminal case. Mind my teenage kids statuses. Other than that you’re lucky if I update my status or profile pic. Sure I log in daily but it’s lost it’s fun. I remember when it was me and six other people back then. Those were the days.

So my iPhone Facebook app updates ten days ago. My friend points out to me something that wasn’t there before. Nearby friends. That only shows up via the mobile app. Not too many of my friends show up. Only the ones with their locations set to on. So my friend sits there and shows me how it says this girl is in Astoria, Queens, as the girl continues to go elsewhere the location puts her in Red Hook Brooklyn etc.

We all know once Facebook changed years ago privacy went out the window. It was bad enough to locate someone via the messages too. If that location marker is on you’re screwed. Heard from this girl she found her man cheating because he was messaging his homeboy. He didn’t know he saved the log in to his girls computer. She read all the messages. He said he was with his new chick and the location marker had him in a hotel. His ass got burnt. So if you use Facebook remember nothing is private when you put your business out there!

So for all your privacy nuts who enjoy Facebook let’s not give into the stalker ways. Some parts of our lives should be kept confidential!



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