Uh huh..

Two AM in the morning my phone vibrates. I look since I am up since I can’t sleep, it’s Danny. He sends me a pic of something in his hand. He asked me if I knew what it was. I said uh its either your nails or dead hard skin. Danny sent me a pic of his toe nail clippings. He wanted to tell me that he cut them. He told me that they smelled too. I said I am glad you could share this with me. Then he said have to go good night gotta go work in the morning. I said well thats for a fast one.

Danny boy, you are such a lot boy or soul. You act like a kid. You need so much attention. I am not even sure why I got the lovely clippings. You sisters, your best friend but me.. How sweet.

Danny danny danny…

Yea sure I was entertained. What else was I suppose to do at 2am when I was sweating out a fever and out of lives on Candy Crush! lol


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