Why can’t we wait?

Sure it’s NYC but what’s the rush? I had to wait about two hours to see my doctor yesterday. He has a walk in clinic. He even takes lunch. Which I didn’t know. So I came on his lunch hour. There was nine patients there when I walked in. We all sat around and waited. I was annoyed because I’m feeling like crap.

Next thing I see is people that meet with doctors to give our samples and things like that. I’m annoyed more. I was like don’t tell me they plan to meet after he comes back prolonging everything. Eventually he’s back. He signs a few things the suits leave. A few more arrive but the receptionist tell them tomorrow would be better. Yes I was thrilled. One by one patients get called. Three other walk ins come after I had.

Finally at almost three in the afternoon they’re close to calling me. The lady who showed up at two starts the whiny look and starts begging to be seen. I was sitting there two and half hours and she was only there less than an hour and you want to cut and skip and be seen next. They called me next and I was glad. Why the heck can’t people wait their turn?

So a few hours later I go to my local CVS and go get my prescription. The line to pick up the prescription was ten deep. I was annoyed but I walked out. I then walked back in because I needed to feel better. I waited and waited. A lady in her fifties comes pushing thru the line to go behind me. Muttering things because the line is long. She got so antsy about ten minutes later that she taps me and tells me that she is behind me. So? Lol and if no one says anything nothing will be done. So she whines. Comes back. She assumes she succeeded. I’m like whatever we still all before you waited patiently.

She still waited anyway. The prescription line moved anyway I got my medication and left. I just was shaking my head at how people who just get to a place can’t sit and wait.

People and certain people need to stop acting like they’re the only ones around. I’m tired of the pushy morons who just can’t understand sometimes you need to wait.


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