I can’t stand you

You know what Danny, I am sick with the flu so bad and your dumb ass never wished me well. Now you expect me to give a crap that you are checking your pressure. Hey the way you have been leading your life the past few years, well that is on you. It took little miss law degree to make you check your health text her ass and tell her that your pressure was fine. Everything you sent me I replied “ok”.

What you would expect from me. I am so sick of you needing someone to answer your texts so you scroll and say hey let me see what she is up too. Hey your phone has so many names in it, go annoy someone else. It is funny how the best friends that he supposedly has they never hear from him. They have to facebook message him to actually get him. So the people that you do give your time to are not even your best friends or family.

I am not a damn kid no more. I am cranky because I just want to feel better and you are just irking my nerves. I should have just ignored those stupid 3 texts anyway. You are so selfish and self centered. Why don’t you ask the doctor to see someone for your case of stupid and a therapist for whom you are.

Yea I guess this is an ugly angry rant. It is my blog. I feel like hitting something on the head since I can’t hit anyone without being put in jail this is where I will set the nail. Grow up Danny


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