A memory

I Always had a passion to do something I loved. When I was little I was a girl who loved sports. I live in Queens so mom took my sister and I to see the New York Mets. I am a girl who falls for guys easy too. I had a crush on this boy David in kindergarten. Anyway I would become this die hard Gregg Jefferies fan.

Sure there was other hot MLB players at the time but I loved Gregg. I believe back then Gregg was the baby of the group throwing tantrums left and right. I believe that one of the newspapers we have here even ragged him in an article. I saved clippings in a scrap book then of pictures etc. I remember writing to Mike Lupica as a teen defending this MLB player. Lupica wrote me back. While I don’t remember what it had said it was amazing that I did get a personal response back.

I was a teen. I don’t know what goes on in the adult world. I just wanted to defend this guy. Absolutely crazy. It did show I did want to express myself. I had wanted to graduate and be a broadcaster. In the nineties I doubt there was any now you see them.

Sometimes I wish the spunky part of me would resurface. That kid who didn’t care what anyone else thought. Nothing else mattered as long as I was heard. Here we are twenty odd something years later. I’m still struggling. I don’t plan to defend baseball players anymore. I don’t even plan to protest. I do wonder if I wrote back to Mike Lupica would he even remember a letter from a girl in the late eighties who just was a die hard fan. Maybe it won’t hurt to write again.


2 thoughts on “A memory

  1. This was great. I am a Yankees fan, but growing up, around the same time as you, Gregg Jeffries name was everywhere! I remember not liking him because all the girls thought he was so dreamy and cute. And you should totally write Lupica. In this day and age of social media and radio, he’d give ya a shout out!

    Nice job.

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