Career Path

I want to go back to college and get a degree but I want it to be a degree into something that I love. I had an older gentleman tell me that If I wanted to go back to school that I would have to get a degree in something that would not ever go out of style. He said the medical field. So it seems like everyone is working as a medical biller and such. I am not sure the medical field is for me. We all know that we all will need doctors and nurses. I like to write but pushing this passion means to push myself harder than I have ever had. I want my degree to have meaning.

What do I do, I love crime shows I love the interest and what you can find out with forensics but I am not sure if my guts could take the gore. I watch all the shows and even the ones about serial killers. I wish I knew what would be my calling. I really wish something would jump out at me and say this is it! This is what you should do. I know it is never to late.



2 thoughts on “Career Path

  1. Sometimes you just need to jump in and try something to discover what you want to do.

    I did an arts degree which was great, because I did a few units in things I liked – literature, history, drama, behavioural science.

    I then did a postgraduate dip in teaching, only to find that wasn’t for me.

    Now I’ve decided that psych is m passion, and thanks to my units in behavioural science I am now doing post grad psyc.

    The moral of the story is, from
    My experience it’s a good idea to get an arts degree as it leads to doors later on into what you discover you want to do!

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