Walmart Sucks

It is a shame that we need to have some type of credit to get things in this world. That cash is not good enough. We somehow manage to go and live beyond our means with these cards. I tried to be different then my own mother. Try to watch my balances and make sure every spring I pay off almost all of them. Sometimes I don’t even know why I tried and applied to some.

So I keep having issues with Walmart. I can’t recall how long I have the card. There is not even a Walmart anywhere near me. I would have to go deep into Long Island to go to one. The past few Christmases when the kids were younger I did use them to shop from because they had decent pricing. Now a days they became a headache. Their credit and fraud department sucks major ass. In 2012 my debit card was used. I had bought something on a website a few months prior and all info on the website was used and hacked. Someone used my card number and made two purchases for the exact same amount almost three hundred dollars twice. So I called and told Walmart that I did not make these purchases. Can they cancel it. They would not tell me a thing and they would not even confirm where the items were being shipped too. The lady basically was accusing to me.

So I have been making payments on the stuff I bought the kids for Christmas. I have paid them. For some reason even if I paid them five days before the due date I was still getting a late fee. So I called them last month they could not explain to me why I was getting this late fee. So again I see it this month. The man explain oh I had to pay thirty five dollars as the minimum payment. I am like are you serious. I only owed fifty and I had to pay that amount. I am like you know whatever I will pay the whole thing have a nice day.. They are a bunch of crooks. I am glad I don’t frequent them or work for them. They suck donkey balls!


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