I just don’t get this?!

Sometimes I just don’t get it. What part of my common sense am I not using? Why am I staring into space trying to understand Friday and now? Doesn’t matter so why am I trying to add things up that won’t add up.

Friday afternoon a former coworker Facebook messages me. He mentions how he hasn’t seen my infamous sky pics in a long time. I took a lot of beautiful sunsets last year. So I explain what’s going on in my life. Explain it’s not my usual personality to be blunt and just not answer much. So he asked how was I, work and Danny doing? I explain. He pauses and apologizes. Tells me I was too good for Danny anyway. I was like well thanks for trying to cheer me up. He said he had to run to his second job so he stops messaging me.

I went about my business and did some laundry and what not. Here the messages are. He sends me a few funny emoji from the Facebook messages and a funny pic of himself. I laugh. I then get a penis pic with a censored bar across it. Not knowing what to say to not be awkward I LOL the pic he lol back. I point out the lower right had a squeegee that looked like it had eyes. We laugh. Talk ensues a bit more, he sends me the same pic. This time all the glory of a penis pic but no bar. I was still not sure what to say. I didn’t say more than the LOL again. I wasn’t going to go into a terrain I wasn’t sure of. He eventually went back to work and I was left to wonder why would he send me these pics. I didn’t think of him in any other way but a friend. We don’t even have each other’s numbers let alone just Facebook account Info. I delete the whole convo.

So I got home from work twenty mins ago check my Facebook feed. The guy who sent me a pic of his penis just proposed to his girl. So I have met her two times at the job. I know they’ve been together for a long time. So I’m not feeling sad I’m glad for him I just didn’t understand the logic of a penis pic unless he really felt it would cheer me up. I guess I will be left to wonder. I don’t plan to ask. But yea I’m sick of penis pics I rather know someone for themselves then what’s in their pants.


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