Tornado Dream

So the usual culprit sent me to bed angry.

Around 3am I had a terrible dream. I had a dream there was a tornado. While the people around me were not my immediate family, I don’t know any of them. I still had a connection to them. There was several young kids and people I assume I was related to. The heart wrenching thing is watching it get so close and a flash of lighting comes so close. I didn’t see much. I do remember the little girls hand I was holding. Her face turns blood red. We continue to go. Then sometime later I remember hearing two of my own died. We continue to go off. The dream was turning more into a horror movie now. Then I wake up.


I googled dreams about tornadoes. It said something about fighting with someone. Emotional chaos etc. This was over the top for me. I barely ever get to dream, and if I do then I hardly remember them. I wish I never remembered this one.


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