Who do you pretend to be?

If you want to emotionally hurt someone go right ahead. To me that tells me that you are an emotionally unstable human being. Makes me wonder what happened to your life when you were growing up to make you such a hateful being. You try to be something you aren’t. You talk about Gemini’s being a two faced sign. Well I think you are also and bi polar. You don’t know how to live your life without being this fake persona. You exude the good but you exhale the bad.
Have you ever truly looked at yourself in the mirror besides the selfies that you take? Have you thought for one moment I don’t like the person I have become. I’m fake I’m not alive. No because what you see back is another fake image. You are incapable of love. You don’t even know how to feel it. Self love isn’t even self love to you. You can’t love yourself when you can’t even respect yourself.
What makes you this hideous person? Why have you become this creature? Do you long for love? Do you long for comfort? Is this pay back for nights of hurt and anger? Stop displacing your anger. Take responsibility for your actions.


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