I don’t mind dropping my dirty secrets here after all the readers are unbiased strangers. You can think bad about my choices or give advice or guidance. Last night I wake up to a text from Danny. He is telling me he needs guidance. Religious spiritual. I was like ok. You know you got to do what you go to do you know. Talk to someone a priest or anyone you know. Then he changes the conversation to hey how are those Rangers. Wait you wake me and its almost four in the morning and now you don’t want to talk about. It’s like he wants to face his fears but then he doesn’t. I told him all I could tell him based on what I could relay. So I just wanted to go back to bed. Normally I could sleep right through text from anyone at that hour. I think its the lack of my sleeping and the mental shit Danny has been dishing out thats consuming my sleep.

Danny then goes to tell me that he thinks he will confess on facebook. I was like are you nuts? What the heck will that do for you. Who on facebook was involved in the situation and I am sure half of them don’t even care. I was extremely nauseated. You plan to tell the world and then some and let some people give you insight? Never mind theres about a handful of girls he had sex with while he cheated on me and the last one as his friends. So yea I can just see these girls who knew you were attached laughing at the situation and then trying to tell you how to straighten your life out! I know Danny’s only aunt and uncle on the page would be upset. Danny’s best friend from out of state can’t even comment as he would not even tell her all he has done. She is one to talk. She isn’t happy with the man she is with, but has a kid. Then because the man doesn’t have a great job or credit she thinks he is no good. You have to give people chances before you spew their faults to others. I never walked around when Danny and I were together talking shit about him. I kept my private life to myself.

To just think that will help you… If he really wants to find his way in the world he should know that no generic facebook post, no generic friend, will help.

I only wish I would find my way I seem to have gotten so lost so fast.


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