Danny’s aggression

My nerves are shot. Today was the day I cosigned the car three years ago. Danny has been texting off the chain stuff. I’m not feeling this and my stomach is in knots.

I really don’t get this shit. Sure block him people say. Well hello I need to make sure I don’t have a car up my butt and payments I can’t even make. I have to make do with this guy somehow.

I hate how people get so twisted by anger that they go take the anger out on someone else. So I’m getting Danny’s lovely aggression again. I’m like quit it. I didn’t do squat to you. All because Wall Street doesn’t know how to get her legal ease ass out of his business. I mean it’s not my problem. They’re each other’s problems but don’t attack me. If she can dish it, she can take it too.

I wanted this ring Danny gave me for
Christmas. I gave him back almost all the stuff he gave me when we spilt. I didn’t want to see these items of things from our time together. Something about the ring I want. Have I gotten it no. Danny is the man of getting things his way on his time.

I hate that. He works afternoons sleeps all day or so he says. You would think I could get the ring in the morning but he can’t do the twenty minute drive with the car I cosigned! After work I’m usually in bed he either goes to the gym or goes home or whom Evers house he is in. When I need something it’s a budgeted time limit.

I told Danny that no female, no amount of ass is worth that type of stress. If she can’t understand you she won’t. Plain and simple. If you won’t tell her what she wants to hear why bother. You’re withholding for a reason.

Blah fuck it. Keep the crap. Annoy her.


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