Stupid sickness

I’m sitting here loathing the weather. The weather has people sick. Whether it’s allergies to cold viruses. I have never heard so much coughing on a bus. I swear I want to carry a can of Lysol with me everywhere.

I think we can blame the weather the long ass winter and everything man made or everything made in a lab on this. I feel terrible. These poor children of mine are coughing up left and right. No relief in site. Cvs has sure made a killing on tissues with me. I’m glad for the dollar sale on them. Robitussin isn’t honestly working but that’s what they gave us.

I would like my voice back. I currently sound like Fran Fine from the nanny. Oh lord help me because I do not sound like that at all. Come on cold virus do I need to do some kind of crazy cold dance?


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