My thoughts on middle school

Sometimes I want to say to my kids classmates, keep your damn opinions to your damn selves and what not. For all my kids middle school has been the most heart wrenching of them all. Non stop bullying and so much stupid crap. I want to say what makes a child want to smack another child. I hated middle school. I was absent two weeks straight. I refused to go. It is a miracle I graduated and they let me skip a grade too. I was the quiet shy girl. I stayed away from the drama. I didn’t get picked on in middle school because I refused to get involved. I did have a few people that did befriend me. Even this big tall girl named Gisela she was like this big mouth and she was like a mother hen. A protector. That was pretty cool.

Now a days I have had it. I know there are some kids with mental issues. My son is having some kid annoy the crap out of him. I was like you are in high school. You have to speak up for yourself. I did it throughout elementary and middle school. Mommy can’t always be there to tell your side of the  story. The schools need to do something. You can’t just turn your head pretend it does not happen. It happens everywhere. I refuse to let my kid be a statistic in the world where bullying results into suicide.



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