The endless question..

Oh hey so you have kids! Awesome.
Eh or so they say.

Meet a new person, explain you have kids. Tell me, and maybe it’s because I’m a female why does the man say after how many do you have, same father?

I’m a mom to multiples and what the hell does it matter. Same father hello. What are you insinuating? Am I taking it wrong. Hey I’ve met plenty of men too with kids. I don’t say, same mother?
Question shouldn’t be about the parentage of the kids. After all you’re getting to know me. If it’s fear about dealing with the ex because the kids will always have a father? If that’s the case don’t waste my time. I’ve seen plenty of men meet a good woman and help raise kids. The biological father wasn’t an issue.
Maybe it was a brain fart but if more than one kid makes you think more than one daddy, look at yourself. Watch what comes out of your mouth.
I don’t think I need to change my views. That shouldn’t be a question asked.


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