Amanda’s story

I never realized how many stories I would have to tell. Then again I never realized how dumb, ignorant and Moronic some people were. This story is about a girl we will call Amanda.
Amanda is forty year old woman. She still wears pig tails and over does the lipstick and make up. She is in the BBW category. She has the sarcastic attitude to make anyone look stupid and doesn’t take shit. Over a decade ago her luck sucked and no one wanted anything to do with her. Then online hit. Those days of chat rooms. She finds her man. They court. At six months she flipped when there was no ring. He eventually proposed. They were hitched. They would pose so nauseating In pics and she would tell people how blissful she was..
Last summer the bliss went kaput! Amanda started publicly Facebook posting things about the ex. Lordy I thought. Amanda went to the online chat again. She found someone. She moved in with him. She can’t drive and lives in a place where you need to be driven. I was like uh ok.. Still publicly face booking her new life with direct hints to the ex. Sheesh. She posts a lot about how blissful she is. How this and that is. She has even posted engagement rings and tagged the new guy. He hasn’t replied but. Can’t you let it breathe and be fun. Why do you need to ring to solidify what?
Amanda’s new man is a father to a pre teen. Amanda can’t have kids. In fact loathed most. So now she plays I’m the happy step mom part. What made me unfollow her posts were the constant dissing of the kids mother. I don’t know the kid the father or the mother but to publicly talk shit about a woman and have the preteen as your friend on Facebook is super sickening. As much as I had a step mom and so do my kids I’ve never publicly talked shit about them. I find it sad that you want to talk shit about a woman whom because she isn’t with the child’s father and raising a child you don’t see eye to eye. Your public opinion is wrong. You think you’re perfect. You aren’t.

Kids love people who aren’t there parent because they can get away with murder at times. Seriously Amanda. Sometimes offline is better than anything. I’m not gonna sugar coat my life is perfect but no one needs to know everything about me.


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