My day.. My rant

I could not sleep last night my mind was going a mile a minute. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I hate having a million thoughts I can not get them to scatter out of my mind. I went to bed and woke up with an incredible stomach ache. I am sure it was the terrible KFC I had gotten for the kids. I was in no mood to cook last night. The kids opted for KFC. I have some issues with gluten that I have found out the hard way but when I took my issue to a specialist they could not find anything wrong. So I typically avoid certain foods. Anyway I woke up wanting to hurl.

I manage to make it to the shower hoping that would help it doesn’t. I manage to get on the bus. That was a long nauseating ride. What made it worse.. waiting three lights for the bus to move. I don’t mind processions. It doesn’t bother me. But my stomach wanted to get off that bus and be settled and I was stuck because the driver could not let anyone off where we were. Something was going on, I have no idea what though. The NYPD escorted a bunch of old cars followed by hundred of motorcycles. The bikes were heading east. They just kept going and going. Eventually about eight minutes later we move. We move but then a man on a bike is in front of the bus. I was so ready to cringe. Like please get me off this bus. I make it to work. I get a juice and ask Drew to get me crackers. Eventually my stomach settles.

I’m glad I didn’t let Drew’s mood ruin mine. Drew can sometimes make you want to punch someone. A man over forty and he just wants to whine kick and scream. No wife or girl in the pic. He just is used by his sibling who uses him to watch their kids. The poor guy babysits on his day off. What ever happened to getting a sitter. Poor Drew has no self esteem no time for himself. Sometimes I want to kick his siblings ass. Like you know Drew isn’t all there and you take advantage of him. You should be ashamed of yourself. No one said before you go making babies that Drew is a babysitter he wasn’t there when the child was made. At a certain age get the kid in day care to alleviate the situation. Drew’s mood was foul most of the day. But surprisingly the day was calm and I could calm my stomach. I thankfully am happy things eased down.


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