Not impressed

So this man comes to rent a truck. I do the paperwork. He compliments me on my freckles. On how I’m not a typical New Yorker! I’m more belonging to the Midwest. Funny I know since I blogged I don’t feel like I belonged here..

He says he is a professor and has studied at Columbia University. He also went to school in Wyoming. But my freckles stuck in his head. So he returns the truck and hour later and leaves his number. He asks me if I like fancy restaurants, tells me he’s going to Cancun next month. That he has a brand new Benz.

He’s ten years younger than my mom and I am not impressed by money. I plan to so my own thing I don’t need someone to support me I plan to do that on my own. Maybe I’m being picky but I want a connection before I take a chance.



2 thoughts on “Not impressed

  1. I don’t believe in “love at first sight” – I took a chance on my partner and we are awesomely happy 3 years later.

    Agree with not being impressed with money – but sometimes as well it’s good to just get out and talk to people, even if you don’t think it will go anywhere.

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