Sorry Charlie!

Drew tells me that Charlie came in after I left Sunday. He tells me that Charlie asked about me. I’m like Drew that’s nice but you didn’t have to tell me.
Charlie was someone I was seeing on and off from 2004. He was the first asshole to emotionally abuse me. So I learned the hard way. That what he was doing wasn’t love. So just torture. Charlie was one of the worst liars out there. I didn’t take anything to heart that he said when I finally realized that I was not in love just dealing with a guy who was an emotional abuser.

The day I met Danny and I saw the sincerity in his eyes something clicked. The day we first talked on his broken down bus I knew that letting Charlie out my life was for the best.

I’m grateful that Charlie is no longer in my life. I just wish that he wouldn’t pop by my job. Sure it’s a public spot but almost most of the people we both knew, Charlie worked here too, are long gone. I told Drew just say I left or got a better job. We have nothing to speak of. I don’t need him sensing that my current life is in disarray.

Oh well good luck Charlie!


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