Had given out my number for friendship purpose. So some guy asks the age old question. I know this girl and she wants to be friends only. She told me this from the get go. A month later she has a boyfriend. So his question is she calls me to do all this stuff and she texts me and calls me all the time. I ask what do you mean by do stuff? Do I really need to know? He goes oh take her around show her around NYC so I said oh.

I answer him, tell him either she’s not getting attention from this man or she wants her cake and eat it too. He replies well I told her one of these days she has to let me go. I was like no you have to. She has a man you’re the one whose kissing her butt when she runs and wants something and are the sucker. Yes well I didn’t say that. But you know it was in my head. Sheesh!

I knew there was a sense of logic missing when he asks about a concert I’m attending in a few weeks. Asks me how much the tickets are. I said I bought them on stub hub. He repeats how much are the tickets. I wanted to say dude it’s a big venue there’s no how much. Different areas the seats cost more. I’m not telling you what I spent. I repeated I bought them there and each ticket price is different and ended the conversation. I can’t converse with someone with their brain elsewhere.

Good luck dude.


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