So I never found a hairstylist I actually liked. Then I met Gina. Love her she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I went to her today. I got my girls hair cut too and Gina just started being the therapist she is. I wish I could have talked to her longer but of course my stomach decided it wanted to act evil. So here I was In pain. My hair came out good but I had to rush home. I wish I had more time to bitch today. I’ve always made it a point not to release my stresses in front of the kids. Certain things like my relationship issues isn’t their problem. The least thing they should worry about.

Damn having Danny withdrawals. We been talking for the past few days. I got one text at three in the afternoon yesterday then nothing. Feeling jealous, mad and sad. What’s worse while we ate lunch the kids and I, they talked about their dysfunctional pops and wished Danny was their dad. Blah. Guess he’s hanging with Miss Wall St today.. I never get how people can hate someone so much but yet pursue them still. I can’t say Danny hates her but he says so much about her. Yes well he is telling me so I’m getting probably not even a real version. He’s Probably telling me it’s not working to make me feel better. Yet he still wants it. Yet I still want him.
Damn it Prince Charming can you smack me when you find me obviously I’m to dense to know if you’re coming!


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